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Whether you are looking for a cosy mountain hut or an elegant Hotel, our range of accommodation and eateries caters to all tastes and budgets.


Dining like kings and queens! No matter what you're looking for typical swiss alpine restaurants, central and quicke snacks or more fany gourmet restaurants - Engelberg has it.

Hoheneck Bar

Dorfstrasse 4, 6390 Engelberg

We believe that Après Ski and live music goes hand in hand. That's why we have live bands playing in our bar the whole winter season. In our cozy lounge you'll find a more quiet space where drinks and snacks are served in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • après ski
  • disco/dance club
  • pub/wine bar/wine tavern
  • bar/pub/lounge
  • live music/concerts
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Hotel Central/ Spice Bazaar

Dorfstrasse 48, 6390 Engelberg


Are you ready to venture beyond the usual Swiss raclette, cheese fondue and Älplermagronen? Then try out the Indian cuisine at the Spice Bazaar restaurant. Their food will dispel any pre-conceived notions about Indian food being too spicy for European palates. Of course, they offer cheese fondue, too!

When Western Europeans think of Indian food they often think of hot and spicy dishes that brings tears to their eyes. And the clichés don't stop there: they think of dark places with lots of curtains and rich fabrics, sounds of Indian music in the background, and servers right off a Bollywood movie set! Nothing could be farther off from what the Spice Bazaar restaurant (located at Hotel Central) has to offer! At Spice Bazaar guests quickly discover the delights of Indian-style eating. "Our restaurant doesn't only serve spicy dishes and curry," says Manashni Antalia, Spice Bazaar's marketing person. That's because Spice Bazaar aims to go beyond catering exclusively to Indian guests. They want to attract locals as well as a global clientele. "For example, last Saturday 60% of our guests were Swiss, the rest were from a variety of other countries," notes Maja Sosic Lorenz, acting manager of Hotel Central.

A new Indian look

The dining experience takes place in friendly, newly decorated surroundings--naturally done with an Indian flair, yet nothing over the top or stereotypical. "We want to show our guests a new Indian look," says Manashni Antalia. The restaurant's service staff consists of locals who speak German as well as several other languages. In summer an extra service person is hired who does his internship with the hotel while at the same time who is there to bridge any language gaps when the Indian group tours arrive. "Sure, this is an Indian restaurant, but the service staff and the supporting help are Swiss," acknowledges Maja Sosic Lorenz, who is aware of biases regarding the Spice Bazaar. The restaurant's personnel are quite knowledgable and gladly help guests who often have no idea about Indian cuisine. Guests are grateful for their tips and guidance. For instance, in selecting a wine to go along with the meal--what goes best with Indian food? "It should be light and simple and not too fruity," explains Maja Sosic Lorenz.
The Spice Bazaar has also thought about its little guests: for them there is a normal children's menu, including french fries, etc.

Only the freshest ingredients

"Our dishes are freshly prepared," says Manashni Antalia. "And we use ingredients from local suppliers. Only the spices are imported from India." Depending on the season, there are anywhere from 2 to 6 cooks from India in the kitchen." They cook as they learned to do at home at an early age. Using kits containing 18 different spices they go by taste, not according to a fixed recipe. They season by taste," says Maja Sosic Lorenz. "No European chef could prepare an Indian dish as authentically as our cooks can."
Despite the selection of Indian food, Spice Bazaar's menu still includes cheese fondue. "For Swiss guests who are nevertheless reluctant to try Indian food we offer an interesting fondue seasoned with Indian spices," points out Ms. Sosic Lorenz. She has to smile when she smells the mix of cheese and curry in the restaurant. In any case, this Swiss/Indian fusion offers the perfect opportunity to venture into the world of Indian cuisine--and to discover that the Spice Bazaar restaurant offers much more than what you might expect!

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  • restaurant
  • Indian cuisine
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Hotel-Restaurant Ochsen

Dörfli 4, 6386 Wolfenschiessen

In the restaurant Ochsen you can eat creative dishes from market- fresh, local products. Pius Loretz serves a selection of traditional Swiss dishes and various seasonal specialties. In summer you can enjoy a little fish, meat and salad dishes, hearty autumn Venison specialties and hearty winter stews, soups and fondue. Our younger guests will enjoy the popular children's menus .

  • Fondue
  • inn/tavern
  • Swiss cuisine
  • home-style atmosphere
  • restaurant
  • table reservations possible


Trübsee, 6390 Engelberg

On the west bank of Lake Trübsee you will find the SAC lodge (elevation: 1,800 m). This traditional alpine restaurant is run by the Barmettler family from June till the end of August. Take a break here on your hike and treat yourself to a delicious Trübseeteller-a sampler of local cheeses and meats-while you enjoy the spectacular panoramic surroundings.

  • mountain hut/mountain restaurant
  • Swiss cuisine
(0041) 41 637 12 30

Iglu Dorf

Trübsee, 6390 Engelberg

On no account should you miss the sheer enjoyment of a visit to the Igloo Bar – whether you use it for après ski, at the end of a hike or as a rest stop while skiing. Cool music, first-class service and a small but excellent choice of snacks and drinks make this wonderland of ice and snow a very special experience.

  • après ski
  • Fondue
  • bar/restaurant
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Dorfstrasse 39, 6390 Engelberg

  • café-restaurant
  • drive-in/take-away
  • lunch
  • coffee shop/pastry shop
  • Internet café
  • Swiss cuisine

Lago Torbido Berghotel Trübsee

Gerschnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg

From Engelberg, the TITLIS Xpress gondola lift takes you to the Trübsee midway station in just under 15 minutes. The Trübsee terrace is one of the warmest and sunniest places in the whole ski area. The pizzeria Lago Torbido opened this winter season, next to the self-service and full-service terrace restaurant. Its wood-fired pizza oven that weighs 3.1 tonnes is one of the largest in the Alpine region and was custom made by a specialist in Naples. The restaurant doesn’t just have pizza on the menu though, it also serves fresh handmade pasta, specialities including osso buco and carpaccio, salads from the buffet, dolci and Italian wines.

  • après ski
  • Italian cuisine
  • pizzeria
  • home-style atmosphere
  • mountain hut/mountain restaurant
  • wheelchair accessable
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Linie 8

TITLIS Talstation, 6390 Engelberg

Want something to eat before ascending the heights? Coffee and croissants in the morning, daily lunch menus and an integrated takeaway service for the fastest food going.

  • bistro
  • lunch
  • snack bar
  • international cuisine
  • restaurant
  • SS/self-service
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Titlisstrasse 1, 6390 Engelberg

Chinese specialities such as spring rolls, fried scampi, Szechuan beef, sweet and sour pork, chicken curry and Cantonese-style duck are prepared for our guests. The tasteful decoration will lead you into a calm and oriental mood.

  • Asian cuisine
  • restaurant
  • Chinese cuisine
(0041) 41 637 15 56

OX Familienrestaurant

Bergrestaurant Ristis, 6390 Engelberg

The new family restaurant OX is right next to the valley station of the Brunni cable car on the Klostermatte. The modern self-service restaurant has 190 guest seats and has a large panoramic terrace with view over the whole Klostermatte, too. So the OX is looking for your your well-being and watch your children while skiing on the Klostermatte with a coffee in the warm.

  • lunch
  • Swiss cuisine
  • restaurant
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