Bike-Trail Jochpass - Trübsee

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On Monday 17 July work starts on the new bike trail from the Joch Pass to Trübsee. The trail has been designed to be fun for beginners and experienced bikers alike by incorporating different elements and curves that can be taken at various speeds depending on cyclists’ ability. The trail will be 4.3 kilometres long with a width that varies between 1 and 1.5 metres and will entail around 400 metres of ascent/descent. The new Joch Pass bike trail has been designed and laid out by experienced bike trail company Trailworks, which will also oversee construction work. The trail is expected to be finished by late October so that it can be inaugurated next summer, in June 2018.

Distance plan


Engelberg Dorf
Titlis Untertrübsee
Titlis Berghotel Trübsee
Titlis Jochstock
Brunni Klostermatte
Brunni Härzlisee
Engelberg Dorf Bellevue