28 OCTOBER 2017

This is a day that Swiss women look forward to every year. At the annual “Ängälbärgär Bartabhauätä” in the autumn, the men of Engelberg traditionally “get the chop”. This old custom of publicly hacking off beards came about because of the Swiss herdsmen who would spend the whole summer up on the Alpine pastures without any need to shave or trim their facial hair. When they returned to the village in the autumn, the women had a hard time knowing which homecomer to fling their arms around as the men’s faces were half-concealed by bushy thickets. These days, anyone can take part in the beard-cutting festival and competition, and the event is also attended by men from much further afield. The man whose discarded whiskers weigh the most is crowned king of the event, but no one comes away empty-handed as well as bare-faced. There are many useful prizes up for grabs such as cowbells, meat, cheese, and cattle feed pellets.


28.10.2017 20:00 in the hotel Bellevue Terminus
Entry: CHF 10.00
Start money for shaving: CHF 15.00
Place reservation is possible under +41 41 639 68 68