Free WiFi access in Engelberg

Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG is offering public WiFi in Engelberg in cooperation with local cable internet provider Tele Alpin AG. As of now, free wireless internet access is available in all central areas. Free access is limited to 30 minutes during the test phase. This outdoor internet coverage is complemented by a range of other free WiFi networks of the cableways, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

The pilot project will run until 30 April 2017. The test phase is designed to find out how often locals and guests would use a service of this kind. Depending on user numbers and the potential shown, a decision will be made on whether public WiFi will continue to be offered free of charge or not.  


Network coverage plan 

Further public internet access options


Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
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