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Exhibition Valley Museum

Dorfstrasse 6, 6390 Engelberg

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Kloster Engelberg

Benediktinerkloster 1, 6390 Engelberg

Since its founding in 1120 A.D. the Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg has greatly influenced the history of this wonderful little town. The heart and soul of the monastery is its baroque church.

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Tal Museum

Dorfstrasse 6, 6390 Engelberg

Of days gone by: The Talmuseum or Folk Museum of Engelberg is located at the center of the village.
Inside, museum visitors can see several rooms furnished in the style and manner of the 18th century, so that one gets a good idea of how the people in and around Engelberg lived back then.

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Opening: 18th April until 9th Juni and mid-October to mid-December closed