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Engelberg Magazin Nr. 20 - Summer 2017

In time for the summer-season-start the 20th edition of the Engelberg Magazin is released, featuring many fascinating stories about the monastery village.

Engelberg Profiles

While you’re getting some well-earned sleep, the Pistenbully drivers are working their slope machine magic. Night after night they move tons of snow over this magical and glittery mountain landscape, making sure that the slopes are freshly groomed for your daily skiing  pleasure. This FILM provides a look inside the Pistenbully drivers’ world.



Although small, Engelberg offers an incredible range of acivities in every season of the year. We are happy to show our guests the wealth of options available here in Engelberg. 

(10th November 2016)

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Engelberg Magazin Nr. 19 - Winter 2016/2017

In the height the first snow has fallen and gives you the desire to start the winter season. Many interesting stories around the winter in the monastery village you will find as well in the 19th edition of the Engelberg magazine.

Learn more about the reconstruction of the "Gross-Titlis Schanze" and how far these brave ski jumpers fly. Find out what the young freeskier Fabian Bösch tells about himself and his sport and let yourself be seduced by stories of sledging and the Haute Route in the winter.

These and many other little secrets are told in this winter edition. 

(16th October 2016)

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Engelberg Profiles S3E1

Fabian Bösch grew up in Engelberg, attending the local sports school. While he counts as one of the world’s best freeskiers, Engelberg‘s slopes continue to be his playground. After winning the world championship in slope style in 2015, he won the X-Games 2016 in Aspen– mountain crazy and a natural talent!
(7th October 2016)

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Jazz in town

From 8th July to 15th August several different jazz bands will be performing every friday night. The concerts are for free and take place outside one of the hotels or restaurants in the center of Engelberg.
(27th June 2016)

Engelberg Magazin Nr. 18 - Summer 2016

In time for the summer-season-start the 18th edition of the Engelberg Magazin is released, featuring many fascinating stories about the monastery village.

Discover which personality from or from around Engelberg has found their dream job and how they execute it with wholehearted commitment. Even though they are as different as day and night, they are all driven by the same thing – passion. 

(13th April 2016)

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Engelberg Magazin Nr. 17 - Winter 15/16

Did you know that it will only take you 16 minutes to get up to Stand, once the new gondola is operating? That the sport shop "Quattro Sport" has been in the same family for two generations? Or that how one of our young mountaineers loves to share his passion about the mountains with guests? Find out more about it while reading the new Engelberg magazine.
(4th November 2015)

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Engelberg Profiles S2E1

The former skier and olympic champion - Dominique Gisin's story is impressive. In the first episode of the second season of our Engelberg Profiles Webisodes you will find out more interesting details about her career and life as a professional skier.
(9th October 2015)

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Purchase season pass now

Do you love winter as much as we do? Then order your season pass now and enjoy white days up in the mountains - the whole winter! If you order it before the end of October, you will get a discount on the whole winter season pass as well as some cool goodies.
(28th September 2015)

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New: TITLIS Xpress

Starting 12 December our guests will be able to ride from Engelberg to Stand in just 16 minutes. The new 8-seater "TITLIS Xpress" will get winter sports fans to the ski area faster, directly and without a long wait.
(28th September 2015)

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Alpine Procession with Market

The cows' descent from Alpine pastures gives rise to an impressive popular celebration. Having spent approximately four months on Alpine pastures, the beautifully adorned herds with their bells ringing rhythmically, together with the Alpine herdsmen in their traditional costumes, move back down to the valley. This popular celebration honors an ancient custom and keeps the tradition alive.
(1st September 2015)

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Alpenschlagerfestival - Alpine folks music festival

The Alpine Schlager Festival 2014 in Engelberg is already back to the past! We would like to thank all our guests, artists and sponsors for visiting us on the Brunni and support! The two weekends were a great success!
(10th August 2015)

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24th Rugghubel Mountain Run

The Rugghubel mountain race starts in the valley (1'010 m.a.s.) and leads up to the Rugghubelhütte (2'296 m.a.s.). Who is tough enough to make it and who will be the first one to reach the finish line? Come by and check it out, either by competing yourself or by just cheering the athletes to best times.
(10th August 2015)

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Titlis bergtrophy

The unique ascent of Mt. Titlis

Three thousand meter climb - for families ... to professionals!
(4th August 2015)

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Best of FISHERMAN'S FRIEND StrongmanRun 2015

The FISHERMAN'S FRIEND StrongmanRun 2015 has been a great success with 7'051 strongmen and women. Congratulations to all the strong participants and thank you to all the helping hands! Check out the moments taken in picutres now.
(8th June 2015)

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Titlis Ice Festival

The great summer fun in the snow on Mount Titlis, with many highlights for the whole family!
(20th April 2015)


Engelberg Magazine

From small cable ways to a Freeride-Pioneer, the tourist center and the "200 years Engelberg by Obwalden"-fesitve. That's Engelberg. That's to read in the new Engelberg Magazine Summer 2015.
(17th April 2015)

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Are you strong enough? Sign up now for the FISHERMAN'S FRIEND StrongmanRun 2015 at!
(11th April 2015)

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Waterslide Contest

The starting distance gets shorter with each round. The last person remaining above water is the winner. This event promises to be a right splash for spectators and participants alike. The awards ceremony will be held at the end of the contest.
(9th April 2015)


Win now!

Would you like to win ski passes, hotel accomodations or other cool prices? Join now our social media week and win one of several great prices. Find out how and what to win here.
(7th April 2015)

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Dominique Gisin is leaving the ski world

After many ups and downs Dominique Gisin is saying goodbye to the ski world competitions. We want to thank her for all the emotional moments and wish her the best of luck for her future. The video is showing all of the most significant moments of her skiing history.
(20th March 2015)


Classic & Jazz at the Monastery

On easter sunday the award-winning pianist Tatiana Kolesova will be playing in Engelberg one more time. The compositions that she will be playing, will be some jazz and some more classic pieces.
(8th March 2015)


Nightlife in Engelberg

Are you looking for a comfy place to sit down and drink a beer together or are you ready to experience the full Après-Ski action? Don't worry, in Engelberg you can experience both!
(1st March 2015)



Geny Hess: His passion is to ski down the steepest slopes of the world... eventhough he's already 68 years old! You could say that he's the oldest Freerider in the world, but he rather speaks of himself as a powder specialist.
(31st January 2015)


Snow Volleyball Tour

On February 28 and March 1 2015 Engelberg will be full of “bumps” and “spikes”  when the international volleyball elite battle it out to be crowned King of the Snow in the third edition of the tournament.
(28th January 2015)

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Fabian Bösch wins Gold medal

The only 17 years old Fabian Bösch from Engelberg wins the gold medal at the slopestyle world cup at Kreischberg (AUT). Congratulations to this amazing result! The official reception of the new world cup winner takes place on the 24th January at 5.00 pm.
(21st January 2015)

Winners run at Kreischberg

Pro7 Mountain Jam

On 7th March the Mountain Jam Engelberg will take place for the 3rd time. This year Gentleman and his band will be rocking the stage at Kursaal. Buy your ticket now and make sure not to miss it!
(19th January 2015)

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Engelberg Profiles (S1E1) - Johan Jonsson

The professional Freeskier Johann Jonsson is in the first episode of the Engelberg Profiles. He talks about the best spots in Engelberg and why he fell in love with our small mountain town.
(11th December 2014)


Snow & Safety Days

During the month of January, every Mon-Tues-Weds there is some sort of snow adventure just for you! As part of our free Winter Program, local mountain guides will be ready to lead you to powder snow heaven! Be prepared for a skier’s Eldorado! All this for free!
(1st December 2014)

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