This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.

Kitzel Trail

The tickle trail by the top station of the Brunni chairlift offers a special kind of thrill. The barefoot path round the idyllic “Härzlisee”, at 1860 metres above sea level, is unique in the mountains. Over a 220 m route nature can be experienced at close hand and your general well-being enhanced. 

Not only is it lovely to walk barefoot over changing surfaces (sand, wood chips, pebbles, clay, water etc.) for the feel and the experience, but this special kind of foot massage also stimulates blood circulation and has a positive effect on the whole organism; the circulatory system is improved, the immune system becomes more resistant and vitality is activated, as defined by Kneipp cure principles. The bare-foot walkway is suitable for all ages.


Engelberg Dorf
Berghaus Jochpass

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