Summer & Winter

As the largest ski resort in Central Switzerland, Engelberg has plenty of slopes for both experienced and inexperienced skiers and snowboarders, as well as a wide range of off-piste attractions.

Trübsee Area

Walk over hilly terrain from Obertrübsee (from Untertrübsee via Älplerseil), and soon you’ll reach the highest point, where you can walk along the left bank of lake Trübsee to the Trübsee station.

If you plan to use any other route, first consult the avalanche bulletins, maps, listen to the weather forecast and respect the environmentally sensitive areas (e.g wild game areas).



Details1707m-1796/1 Std.


Hiking Map


Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Engelberg Dorf
Titlis Untertrübsee
Titlis Berghotel Trübsee
Titlis Jochstock
Brunni Klostermatte
Brunni Härzlisee