Manor House Grafenort

Dive into the past and discover the historic manor house.

If you want to talk about Herrenhaus at Grafenort, it would be worth your while to look into its past. The stately building was one of great importance in earlier times. In the late Middle Ages the monastery conducted trade with cheese and livestock. The Herrenhaus served as a warehouse and reloading point. Genteel travelers found accommodations and food there when they needed to stop before continuing on the long way to Engelberg.

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Now: Nowadays, the Benedictine monks still use the Herrenhaus as a place to spend their vacation. Additionally, the building - with its stylish ambiance, baroque spirit and modern furnishings - provides an ideal place for seminars, meetings and celebrations.

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Herrenhaus Grafeort 
Herrenhaus Grafenort
6388 Grafenort
+41 41 639 53 33