cross-country by night

11th february 2020 - Come to the cross-country trail by Engelberg’s Sporting Park for a magical night-time skiing session. On two evenings each week the floodlights are switched on so that you can ski until 9 p.m.

I have to admit that after a long, busy day it can be hard to persuade my lazy inner demon to let me strap on my skis in the evening. But, as always with physical activity, it’s really worth it once you get out there! And it’s not just the exercise that does you good – the tranquillity of the cross-country trail by night is just magical. You become so much more aware of your own breathing and the crunching of the snow underfoot. And I promise you: afterwards, you’ll sleep as soundly as a hibernating marmot!


Watch out for the cat!

Night-time skiing is available on Tuesdays and Thursday on the official night-time trail but you can actually cross-country ski by night on any of the trails all week long if you make sure you take along a head-torch. Gliding through the dark woods is a mystical experience that brings you closer to nature. But the Nordic Commission reminds all skiers to take care: in the evening the snowcat is out grooming the trails, so make sure you don’t get in its way!

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My tip: skiing by moonlight

One cross-country tour that I warmly recommend is the Vollmond Langlauf organized by Intersport Titlis. On a clear night, this moonlit skiing event is incredibly romantic. Under the bright light of the full moon you can even switch off your head-torch. The leisurely tour finishes by a campfire, with food and drinks for all participants. The Vollmond Langlauf is not a competition, and no one need worry about getting left behind. Instead, it is a wonderful combination of physical exercise and cosy get-together.



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The Sporting Park cross-country trail is illuminated every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. 


Text: Andrea Hurschler
Because her work and her small children keep her busy all day long, Andrea Hurschler pretty much only ever skis in the dark. But it’s such a gorgeous experience, she really doesn’t mind!
Images: Engelberg-Titlis Toursimus AG