Cross-country skiing with kids

Parents planning winter activities with their children often opt for sledging, downhill skiing or ice-skating. They rarely think of cross-country skiing, but it is actually great fun for kids. Give it a try – your children will surprise you!

Two years ago, my elder daughter – aged three at the time – kept asking me if she could come cross-country skiing with me. I was bemused: why would such a small child want to do an endurance sport?
When the next season came around, she finally persuaded me to take her along. We hired the right equipment, and off we went. She loved it right from the start, and I was astonished at how well she could move. She took particular delight in mastering each bump and then whooshing down the other side.

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This year, my daughter – who is now five – is attending a “Piccolo” cross-country skiing course for kids offered by Nordic Engelberg. I would recommend the course to anyone with children, as the instructors take a playful approach and it’s great fun for kids. Also: the courses take place at weekends and during school holidays so it’s a wonderful way for holiday home owners in Engelberg to start their kids out in cross-country skiing. It is best to send a contact request for all course dates, registrations and further information to Nordic Engelberg. 





Anything big sis can do, little sis can do at least as well. Right? My almost three-year-old daughter certainly felt she had something to prove. She now comes cross-country skiing with us, and like all the tiny tots on the trail she is a sensation. We are constantly being asked how it is possible that she moves with such confidence on her skis. Adult beginners are particularly envious!


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Both my girls are huge fans of the new fun course (“Funparcours”) at the Sporting Park. With its obstacles, archways, and a small “ski jump”, the trail is great fun for little kids. Without even being aware of it, they gain valuable skills like balance and agility, which are needed for cross-country.



The Swiss Ski School and Prime Mountain Sports offer wonderful training courses for families where every member of the family gets the instruction they need no matter what their level of ability is. After you take one of these courses, cross-country skiing is sure to become a favourite family activity.


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Text und Images: Andrea Hurschler
Andrea Hurschler only learnt to cross-country ski as an adult. She therefore has a very real fear that her children will soon be running rings around her.