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Art in nature

13 June 2019 - Land Art Path Engelberg

The route alongside the Engelberger Aa river from Eienwäldli to Wasserfall has long been a popular place to take a walk. It offers beautiful natural scenery for hikers, but is also easy underfoot for anyone who just fancies a stroll. Now, the route has been chosen as a Land Art Path entitled “An der Aa” (“On the Aa”). The project was initiated and organised by cultural mediator Claudia Häusler (KULTUR SPUUR). In late spring, nine different artists will set up installations and artworks at nine points along the path. The pieces will be made exclusively from natural materials and incorporated into their surroundings.

Land a r t emerged as an ar t movement in the United States in the 1960s. It seeks to create ar t f rom and in nature, rejecting the museum set ting. The works are of ten large and bulky, and they are ful ly intended to undergo weathering effects. Transience is par t of thei r ver y essence. That is what d istinguishes the Engelberger Aa project f rom other sculpture paths such as Skulpturenweg Ennetbürgen, whose ar tworks are permanently instal led and made f rom weather-resistant materials (metal, wood, concrete, stone). Land ar t, on the other hand, makes only temporar y interventions in the landscape and is construc ted f rom natural materials l ike branches, rocks, and moss.

In the week from 20 to 24 May 2019, the following artists will setup artworks on a 1.5-kilometre section of the Engelberger Aa path: Kari Joller ( land artist, Dierikon); Yvonne Christen Vágner (visual artist, Zurich); Vera Dzubiella (land artist, Basel); Richard Zürcher (land artist, Sursee); Niklas Göth ( land artist, Zurich); Hama Lohrmann ( land artist, Augsburg, Germany); Matthias Maeder (visual artist, Engelberg); the team of florists at Engelberg Abbey’s flower shop (florists, Engelberg); and Stefano Devoti (visual and land artist, Borgo Val di Taro, Italy). With land art, this set ting up period is part of the experience, as the artworks are actually created onsite. It is a wonderful opportunity to watch artists at work. The exhibition officially opens on 25 May. The “An der Aa” Land Art Path can be visited by people of all ages. It has beautiful scenery and varied views, and the path between Eienwäldli and Wasserfall is easily accessible, evnforprams and wheelchairs. The two endpoints of the path are served by local buses. The artworks encourage visitors to spend time in nature. If you stop, clear your mind, and observe, you will become aware of all the ways in which the artworks interact with their natural settings. Those who visit regularly will witness the gradual changes wrought by nature on these deliberately impermanent works of art. By the time the exhibition comes to a close at the end of summer, the artworks will have been absorbed back into nature.

Information on the individual objects and their creators will be available in the runup to the opening in a special brochure and under “Aktuell ” on the website (German only) Visitors will be able to share their impressions in visitors’ books at both ends of the path. Publications from the idividual artists will also be available there.

Text: Nicole Eller
Image: Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus


Land Art Path