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Accommodation & Restaurants

Whether you are looking for a cosy mountain hut or an elegant Hotel, our range of accommodation and eateries caters to all tastes and budgets.


Are you looking for a comfy place to sit down and drink a beer together or are you ready to experience the full Après-Ski action? Don't worry, in Engelberg you can experience both!

Regina Bar ( H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg)

This small bistro-style bar in the "H+ Hotel & Spa" isn?t just for hotel guests, it also draws in locals and other holidaymakers.
The bar doesn?t close until everyone has left. So if you?re looking for a cosy nightcap you?ll probably find like-minded people here. When the sun shines down, you and your friends can take your coffee or cocktail outdoors to the terrace lounge.