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Accommodation & Restaurants

Whether you are looking for a cosy mountain hut or an elegant Hotel, our range of accommodation and eateries caters to all tastes and budgets.


Are you looking for a comfy place to sit down and drink a beer together or are you ready to experience the full Après-Ski action? Don't worry, in Engelberg you can experience both!


After an après-ski this is a great place to enjoy a good dinner. But that doesn?t mean the party?s over ? in fact, it?s only just starting. ?Yuki? hosts wild parties until the wee hours. A ski full of shots is sure to get you in the party mood! : The last guests often don?t leave until the light of day. If you choose to attend one of the special parties such as the legendary Easter Bunny Party, you shouldn?t plan much for the following day.