EMBO Workshop

Ribosome synthesis 2022 in Engelberg

  • This booking link closes on June 30, take advantage of the special rates before then.

  • If you don't want to stay 17-21 August 2022 (earlier arrival, later departure, shorter stay) please contact sarah.hoedl[at]engelberg.ch.

  • If a hotel does not appear anymore it means that it has no more contingents activated and you can choose another hotel or contact the hotel directly.

  • Please check if you have received an automatically generated confirmation by mail after booking (spams too), otherwise please contact us.

  1. Kursaal (Venue)
  2. Hotel Bellevue- Terminus (Meals, Posters)
  3. Restaurant Bänklialp (Banquet)
  4. Hotel Central
  5. Hotel Crystal
  6. Ski Lodge
  7. Hotel Sonnwendhof
  8. Hotel St. Josefshaus