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Girls on Tour

31 January 2019

The thrill of anticipation
Clouds gather, concealing my view of the mountains around Engelberg, and snowflakes begin to drift lazily to the ground. On this Friday evening I feel a kind of restless excitement. As darkness falls, I can still make out a few flakes of snow in the glow of the streetlights. I get fidgety and impatient – I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure. But it looks like I should be able to expect one thing: a clear blue sky.

Planning ahead
Before going to bed, I carefully plan the next day’s adventure. I check the avalanche bulletin and the weather review from the local weather station at the Titlisboden as well as tomorrow’s forecast. In general when I’m planning ski tours in the Engelberg valley I still study conventional maps, but I also make frequent use of the website Outdoor Guide Engelberg. It’s also a great place to get inspiration.

Good morning!
The clear sky and crisp snow in the early morning are certainly inspiring. My colleagues greet me with radiant beams on their faces. Their enthusiasm is catching and I feel really motivated for the day ahead. We start by catching the cable car: Luftseilbahn Dallenwil-Niederrickenbach. Once at the top we walk through picturesque snowy woods to the valley station of the Haldigrat chairlift, which only runs at weekends or on request. This rustic ride takes us up to the Haldigrat, 1,935 metres above sea level. We take a look at the snow conditions and run a safety check on our avalanche transceivers. The adventure can begin! In the morning sunshine, the mighty Brisen calls to us along the ridge. We enjoy the tranquillity in this lofty place high above a sea of fog and look forward to descending the western flank of the stately mountain. This descent has it all – from the steep gully to a delightful stretch on the flatter part at the bottom. We take another chairlift ride up to the Haldigrat, and this time we head to the restaurant Berggasthaus Haldigrat. In place of dessert, we ski down past the Giri and Gigi meadows and end up byBerghof Brändlen. A descent like this is only possible when there is good snow cover deep down into the valley.

Tired but happy
This time there were three of us girls from Engelberg on the tour. On some days there are as many of seven of us on these wonderful days out. What brings us together is our common passion and our shared experiences and memories. We may be exhausted at the end of the day, but we are always beaming from ear to ear. We absolutely love our ski tours and can hardly wait for the next one – so it’s a good thing the Engelberg valley has a big choice of tours and, usually, plenty of snow.

Text: Nadia Sommer
Outdoor sports fan Nadia lives and works in Engelberg, where she has felt very much at home for many years. She is never happier than when exploring the great outdoors with friends – preferably in and around Engelberg.

Image: Nadia Sommer


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