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Engelberg-Titlis is Central Switzerland’s largest winter and summer holiday destination. This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.

Respecting wildlife

Winter is the hardest time of year for wild animals. Snow, cold weather and lack of food mean they need to do all they can to save energy. When black grouse, chamois, etc. are disturbed by humans during their winter resting period, they consume a lot of valuable energy fleeing - energy they need for survival.. If disturbed repeatedly, they lose too much energy and may fall ill or even die.

Take the wildlife into account and plan your tour adhering to the following four rules:

1. Respect designated wildlife areas and wildlife reserves. They provide wild animals with an undisturbed habitat.

2. Stay on paths and designated routes in the forest. This allows wild animals to adjust to the presence of humans.

3. Avoid forest edges and snow-free surfaces: this is where wild animals prefer to be.

4. Keep your dog on a lead, particularly in the forest: wild animals run away from dogs running free.

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