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Concert experience in the monastery church: Felix Helvetia Kloster Engelberg

Concert experience in the monastery church: Felix Helvetia

A concert of the Choralschola "Linea et Harmonia" with Martin Roos, Alphorn and Betruf and Choralmagister David Eben from Prague

The alpine region of present-day Switzerland has been a place of important church institutions since the early Middle Ages. One of the witnesses of the spiritual life of the rural population is the Betruf, which is still sung every evening by the alpine people. The sound horizon of Switzerland would probably not be complete without its typical instrument - the alphorn. In the hands of Martin Roos, the instrument becomes a companion for liturgical singing.

Door opening: 7.45
Admission: Free - Collection

Ticket Reservations:
Due to the current situation the number of seats is limited. Secure your seat today at or
telephone 041 639 61 61.

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