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Tour through the special exhibition

Tour through the special exhibition "Engelwelten" (Angel Worlds)

Angels awaken emotions, evoke memories of childhood and are present in our everyday lives in a variety of ways: in churches, in public places, at home, in place names, in literature, in advertising and not least in everyday language. Angels are a broad field. If you google the term, you get several million results. Nevertheless, the exhibition and the catalogue Engelwelten offer something new and so far not-yet-existing. In a kind of genealogical research they try to create for the first time a genealogy of the so different ideas of angels in occidental culture. The exhibition Engelwelten documents the world of angels by investigating their origins, developmental strands and manifold manifestations.
In 8 sections, the show, developed by the Bible + Orient Museum (Fribourg), explores the question of where the origins of angelic beings come from and what their functions were and are. The show comprises around 100 top-class objects (from 2000 BC) from the Near East (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Roman Empire), including around 40 scarabs, roll seals and coins. In addition there are numerous art and everyday artefacts related to Engelberg, the legend about the origin of the place name and the Engelberg coat of arms. The objects are diverse and range from inn signs to guardian angel pictures to heavenly advertising posters.
The exhibition lasts until Easter 2020 and forms part of the anniversary celebrations of the Benedictine monastery of Engelberg.
Opening hours:
15, 21/22 December: 14-17 hours
26 Dec 2019 to 5 January 2020 daily 14-17 hrs
8. January - 13. April 2020: Wednesday to Sunday 14-17 o'clock
Tours of the exhibition: 27 and 28 December 2019; 4 January, 15 February, 22 February and 11 April 2020.

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