Your personal summer

Summer 2022 in Engelberg is all about enjoyment. But what do you understand by pleasure and which senses are primarily involved? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

One thing is certain, we all enjoy pleasure, but each individual interprets pleasure in his or her own personal way. That's why Engelberg will be celebrating a festival for the senses throughout the coming summer, with offers and events from the areas of music, cuisine, art and nature. Look forward to authentic experiences and dive a little deeper into living traditions and the natural paradise of Engelberg Valley. On this page we continuously update planned events, offers or dates and inform you about news as well as upcoming highlights.

In the coming months, this page will be continuously filled with great pleasure offers.

Food Unplugged

Gourmet menu in the middle of nature!

Saturday, July 2nd 2022

At Food Unplugged everything revolves around the original preparation of food, i.e. without electricity and gas. Original, authentic, regional and with lots of passion, the kitchen artists will conjure up fantastic creations on the plate and spoil you.

Registration will start soon.


Under the sign of pleasure, the culinary must not be missing. Discover the variety of dishes that bring together the senses and the physical well-being. Here you will find the best that Engelberg has to offer and combines regional products and tradition of the mountain village.

Events follow


Bring a change into the normal everyday life. Who does not enjoy such moments? With the numerous events here in Engelberg you can experience exactly that. The following event highlights promise a few hours of pure enjoyment with entertainment factor: (Possibly with plug-in)

Events follow

Nature experiences

Recharge your batteries, switch off your head or simply enjoy the sun's rays on your skin. All this in the midst of the unique nature, which brings the silence and true beauty. Enjoy pure alpine pleasure with the following offers and escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.