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This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.

Alp Langenboden

Toni Matter has run the Langenboden farm since the 1980s. He and his wife Esther graze 17 dairy cows here over the summer. They don’t like the idea of high-quality Alpine milk being mixed with conventional milk, and use only the Alpine variety to make their fine Alpkäse and raclette cheeses.


Langenboden is almost 1,600 metres above sea level and is situated on the sunny side of Engelberg, close to the Brunnibahn mountain cableway station, with the Rigidalstock rising high above it. It can therefore be conveniently reached by cable car, but if you want to really earn your cheese you can hike here on one of the many trails leading from Engelberg to the Ristis, or hop on your mountain bike and cycle up via the Schwand.



  • Alpkäse 
  • Alpine raclette

Direct sales at the dairy


Route description Alpine cheese trail
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Alp Langenboden

Esti & Toni Matter
6390 Engelberg

+41 41 637 14 86