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This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.

Alp Steinäbnet

Each summer, Ruth and Hans Zurfluh turn 30,000 litres of milk into wheels of Alpkäse weighing between three and eight kilograms each. They produce a total of 3.5 tonnes of good Alpine cheese. The couple live at the Steinäbnet with 32 adult cows, 15 juveniles, four goats, and six Alpine pigs. 


The Steinäbnet is located 1,657 metres above sea level in the Surenen area – in the canton of Uri. The Swiss German word “Äbnet” means “level plain” – although that’s not exactly an accurate description. There are two very different paths to the Steinäbnet from Engelberg. If you prefer to walk downhill you can ride up in the Fürenalpbahn cable car and then walk 2.5 kilometres down into the valley. If you opt for the uphill variant, you will walk along the Aa river, past Alpenrösli and Stäfeli. The walk is almost seven kilometres, but you can take the Äbnet cable car to shorten the journey.



  • Urner Alpkäse
  • Alpine raclette

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Alp Steinäbnet

Ruth & Hans Zurfluh
6390 Engelberg

+41 (0)78 843 14 78