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This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.

Buiräbähnli Safari

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Have you always wanted to go on a multi-day hike? If so, we recommend the Buiräbähnli Safari. This challenging hike takes roughly 20 hours and includes two overnight stops. The circular trail starts and finishes at Engelberg railway station.

From Engelberg, the path leads via Zingel and Lutersee lake to Eggendössli, where you take the Rugisbalm cableway down to Mettlen (Grafenort). Once down in the valley, you follow Engelberg’s Aa river to Büelen valley station then catch the cableway up the mountain. From there, the path sets off on a mostly gentle descent via Schwand towards Diegisbalm, where you take the cableway down to Wolfenschiessen. Next, you continue along the Aa river as far as the entrance to the village, then walk through Wolfenschiessen to reach Brändlen valley station. From there it is just a short walk to your first night’s accommodation at Berghof Brändlen.

The following morning the hike continues via Schmiedsboden, then down by cableway to Oberrickenbach. In Fell you take the next cableway up to Sinsgäu and than onwards on a path to Bannalp. Here you join the Walen Trail as far as Alp Oberfeld, the location of your second overnight stay on the hike. The final morning sees you back on the Walen Trail heading to Brunni mountain hut. Once there, you can choose either to walk down to Oberbord for the last farmes cableway or for an easier option, take the chairlift down to Ristis and the cableway to Engelberg. There you return back to the railway station. In the Buriäbähnlipass the chairlift Ristis and the cableway Brunni is not included.

Duration 2-3 days (12.5 h pure hiking time)
Trail Engelberg – Egendössli – Mettlen – Grafenort – Büelen – Diegisbalm – 
Wolfenschiessen – Brändlen – Oberrickenbach – Fell – Sinsgäu – Bannalp – 
Alp Oberfeld – Brunni – Oberbord – Engelberg
Level medium/difficult
Detail 511 - 1952 M.ü.M.
Season June to September
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