Brändlen - Haldigrat

The Brändlen cableway takes you from Wolfenschiessen to the Brändlen plateau, which is situated at the foot of the Haldigrat 1,200 metres above sea level. Brändlen is the ideal starting point for various hikes. You can travel back down to the valley on foot, by cableway, or with the Postauto bus, depending on the route you have chosen.

The Brändlen cableway is always open – summer and winter, day and night. There is no timetable; the cableway makes trips whenever it’s needed. Simply call the family in charge from the phone at the valley station, climb aboard, and set off up the mountain. If no one answers the telephone, you can operate the cableway yourself.


  • Brändlen – Maria-Rickenbach, 2 hours, medium difficulty
  • Brändlen – Oberrickenbach, 1 hour, easy
  • Brändlen – Haldigrat, 2 hours, medium difficulty
  • Brändlen – Brisen, 3 hours, challenging