Conscious enjoyment

Switch your smartphone offline and choose instead the connection that brings you directly into nature and to yourself. Consciously enjoy your days off in the mountains together with your partner or family. Will you face this challenge?

Have you looked at your screentime statistics lately? Do you know how many times a day you consciously or unconsciously pick up your smartphone, controlled by dopamine? If you're honest with yourself, you know that habits and daily patterns have you firmly in their grip and at the same time make it harder for you to really switch off during the vacations. "Digital detox" can therefore be extremely liberating and is "actually" not difficult at all. How much the recreational value, the awareness of the beauty of nature and the feeling of experiencing the perfect mountain moment very intensively can increase without smartphone, depends entirely on you - you have to be curious to try it and have experienced it yourself.

What you get along the way

You will not be sent into the mountains unprepared. For your days when you are "offline", you will receive a small survival kit to take with you on your modern adventure. In the meantime, your cell phone will be safely stored in a safe.


To capture your personal "THIS IS IT" moments, you will receive a Polaroid camera. With this camera you can capture unique moments so you can remember these unique vacations for a long time.


In case of an emergency, you will receive a telephone from us. If something unexpected should happen, you will find a selection of emergency numbers with which you can call for help.

Alarm clock

Often the first action of the day is to reach for the cell phone (alarm clock). That's why an analog alarm clock ensures that even during your "offline time" you can set off on time for your next adventure in the morning and make the most of your vacation day.


So that you don't miss your smartphone and don't get bored in the evenings, you will be provided with a UNO. With this game, time will fly by!

Challenge accepted?

Here you can find all important information about your vacations in "offline mode".

This is how you participat

  • Book your desired accommodation for your vacations in Engelberg.
  • Reserve your desired "Digital Detox" period at the Tourist Information Engelberg.
  • After your arrival in Engelberg, visit the Tourist Information and exchange your smartphone for the survival package.
  • In the meantime, your smartphone rests in a safe and enjoys the OFF time as well.
  • Now your adventure can start! 

Note: The offer can be used once per family/booking during the stay.

It's worth taking part! 

  • After your cell phone-free vacation, you will receive an official certificate from Engelberg-Titlis.
  • Whoever stays the longest through the Digital Detox Challenge will win a weekend (incl. hotel accommodation and railroad tickets) for themselves and a companion.
  • In addition, a weekend for 2 people in Engelberg will be raffled among all participants. 
  • You can participate in the challenge until 31.10.2021 - after that the winners will be determined and notified.

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