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Michelle Gisin

Discipline: alpine skiing
Date of birth: 5 December 1993
Hobbies: windsurfing, golf, reading
Greatest successes: Olympic victory in 2018 in combination

Discipline: Alpine ski racing; born 5 December 1993; hobbies include windsurfing, golf and reading; her greatest success so far has been winning gold in the women’s combined event at the 2018 Olympics.

Last season, the one-time slalom specialist developed into a leading downhill skier. But she doesn’t always feel the need for speed: back home in Engelberg she likes to work her body on the cross-country trails: “Skiing cross-country along the trails through our valley feels like heaven.”

Cross-country: The Engelberg valley cross-country trail runs for around 25 kilometres from the Sporting Park along the River Aa to the Herrenrüti. The trail is very varied and skiers can try out different individual segments. Hobby skiers enjoy the trail just as much as high-ranking athletes like Michelle Gisin. The effort required is more than made up for by the delightful sensation as you glide through the snowy woods and enjoy panoramic Alpine views.