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As the largest ski resort in Central Switzerland, Engelberg has plenty of slopes for both experienced and inexperienced skiers and snowboarders, as well as a wide range of off-piste attractions.

Around Trübsee

From the Obertrübsee top station (from Untertrübsee via Älplerseil) the path climbs steadily up to the Hüethütte at the end of frozen lake Trübsee, and then follows the left bank to the Trübsee chapel and station.


RouteTrübsee (Obertrübsee-Hüethütte-Trübsee Station)
Duration40 min.


You can walk on this beautiful ridge path from the Obertrübsee top station (from Untertrübsee via Aelplerseil) to the Hüethütte, with the Titlis glacier always in sight. At lake Trübsee the path veers right towards Restaurant Alpstubli and then follows the banks of the frozen lake Trübsee. After a short ascent you’ll reach the Trübsee station.


RouteTrübsee (Obertrübsee-Alpstübli-Trübsee Station)
Duration50 min.


Engelberg Dorf
Berghaus Jochpass