Engelberger Lichtblicke

This winter, Engelberg will be shining in a whole new light. Alongside the new winter illuminations are eleven light sculptures – unique works of art up to four metres in height. Enjoy the million stars circular tour during your stay.

The sculptures were specially designed for Engelberg, and many of them reflect on the village’s fascinating history as a tourist destination. You can visit the sculptures one after the other on a tour of the village, or you can select specific ones independently. The background to each sculpture is explained on a sign next to it.

Capture your special moment

Don’t forget to take your phone or camera along on your tour because you can pose inside many of the sculptures. Capture your radiant moment in a selfie and share it with the world #winterlights.

Sculpture tour

1. Engelberg lettering
2. Horse-drawn coach
3. The history of skiing
4. Cableway history
5. Matter glove
6. Nativity scene
7. Lady skier
8. Coat of arms
9. Matter snowflake
10. Alpine horns
11. Angel‘s wings

Take away - Mulled wine

On weekends there is a take away mulled wine hut directly at the spa park from 14.00 to 18.00 o'clock. 

Strengthen yourself with a warm drink and enjoy the wintry atmosphere and the countless lights. 

More leisure tips

Below you will find more events and activities to make your stay in Engelberg more varied.