Benedictine Monastery

Since its founding in 1120 A.D. the Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg has greatly influenced the history of this wonderful little town The earliest cultural and clerical references to it date back to the 12th century. Today’s existing structure was rebuilt between the years 1735 and 1740.


In the course of history, the monks have placed much emphasis on preserving the liturgy. Intellectual and artistic foci continue to form the core of the convent’s activities and interests. In addition to a high school (Gymnasium), the monastery runs a middle school (Sekundarschule) and commercial middle school (Handelsmittelschule). Students from all over the world attend this boarding school.


The heart and soul of the monastery is its baroque church. The altar artwork by Spiegler and the largest pipe organ in Switzerland add to the church’s uniqueness.

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