Highlights and pleasure

As varied as the hike itself, are also the varied stop and rest options along the way. Take the time to pause, let your gaze wander and enjoy the omnipresent beautiful panorama.

Combine the Walenpfad

You can combine the Walenpfad with other hikes to create a multi-day tour. Below you will find some suggestions.

Buiräbähnli Safari

3 day tour

The entire route of the Buiräbähnli Safari hike covers 46 km and around 3700 meters in altitude. Section 2 and 3 each leads over a section of the Walenpfad. For a long weekend it is therefore the perfect multi-day hike.

4-Lakes trail combi

Tour of the extra class

You will experience one of the most beautiful and panoramic 2-day hikes in Central Switzerland if you combine the Walenpfad with the 4-lakes hike. At the end of the first day you will spend the night in Engelberg in an accommodation of your choice.

Walenstöcke roundtour

2 days with overnight stay in a hut

The combination of the Walen Trail and the Rotgrätli hike results in the Walenstöcke Circumnavigation. It is a beautiful 2-day tour, which becomes a very special experience with an overnight stay in a hut.

Aa gorge hike

Game of opposites

From the Eugeniesee lake in Engelberg, the varied hiking trail leads through the gorge over numerous spectacular (suspension) bridges down to Grafenort. From there, the valley widens and accompanied by the murmur of the water, the path leads leisurely to Wolfenschiessen.

Tickets and packages

There is a combination ticket for the Walenpfad hike that is valid on the routes of the Zentralbahn, the Postbus, the Bannalp aerial cableways and the Engelberg-Ristis aerial cableway.