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The Wyrsch family and their Buiräbähnli

Together with his wife Anita and their two children, Max Wyrsch runs the organic mountain farm on Diegisbalm. They keep mother cows and goats. They deliver the goat milk to the cheese dairy in Dallenwil. In summer, the cows are distributed to the various alps in the neighborhood and the goats move to their summer residence in Erstfeld. Anita and Max invest a lot of time as well as energy in the farm. In 2014 they built a new barn and even now they have various projects. Neither of them are farmers' children, but they have spent five and ten summers respectively on an alp. Together, the couple from Schwyz and Uri cherished the dream of farming themselves.


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On Diegisbalm there is no catering business available. On request, meat from the farm's own animals and honey are sold. The specialties from Diegisbalm are dried meat and house sausages. Interested parties are welcome and are asked to contact the Wyrsch family directly.

Family Max + Anita Wyrsch-Gwerder
041 628 04 07
078 605 34 06

The following establishments can be reached, however, combined with fantastic hikes:

Alpbeizli Schellenfluh (walking time approx. 75 minutes).
SA/SO open or on request, simple snack & drinks,
Heiri Rauber 079 642 76 91, schellenfluh[at]

Mountain restaurant Gummenalp (walking time approx. 35 minutes)
Good home cooking, newly renovated rooms and tourist camps
Fam. Sepp and Brigitte Odermatt, 6383 Wirzweli, 041 628 14 25,

Alpine farm Langbodenstubli (walking time approx. 60 minutes)
10 beds and 20 sleeping places in straw
Eggalp-Langboden aerial cableway
Fam. Klara and Walter von Büren, 6383 Wiesenberg, 041 628 13 44


Bicycles can be transported by train (outside device). After a short ascent from Oberalp, there is a 10 km long descent to Dallenwil or Kerns.

Paragliders are very welcome. There are posters at the stations where the take-off and landing sites are located.

High altitude hike to Bielen (cable car to Grafenort): Duration 50 minutes

Mountain hike to Oberalp (cable car to Diegisbalm): Duration 70 minutes

Hike to Hinter Gummen (cable car to Wirzweli and mountain restaurant): Duration 1 hour 40 minutes

Wirzweli via Mittlere Wissifluh (cable car to Dallenwil): Duration 1 hour 40 minutes



Do you want to keep track on the mountain? Find suitable maps here or visit us at the Tourist Information.


Max Wyrsch
Hinter Diegisbalm 1
6386 Wolfenschiessen
+41 41 628 04 07
[email protected]