The Buiräbähnli to the alp of Sepp Niederberger and Fränzi Amrein

Bielen is a popular starting point for paragliders, indeed the alp of Sepp Niederberger and Fränzi Amrein and their three children is a paragliding mecca. Their property lies at an altitude of over 1110 meters above sea level and captivates with a fantastic view of the Engelberg valley. A place where not only Sepp and Fränzi feel at home. The farm is also home to several llamas, alpacas, sheep, chickens, geese, rabbits, cats and a dog. Working at this altitude is anything but easy, and the steep slopes make the job of haymaking difficult. They are visited by "time-out kids" who want to take a break from their difficult daily lives and experience the beautiful mountain scenery and mountain life on a family farm. At the mountain station there is also a small coffee house with a kiosk.


Tickets & Prices



Please pay for your ticket in cash, by card or with TWINT or at the mountain station.

Adults single

CHF 5.00

Adults return

CHF 10.00

Children single

CHF 3.00

Children return

CHF 6.00

Paraglider pilots

CHF 10.00

Paraglider 5-subscription

CHF 45.00

Paraglider 10-subscription

CHF 80.00

Annual pass

CHF 300.00


Operating Instructions

Press the call button at the valley station

As soon as the cable car staff answers, you may board.

Open the gondola door manually with both hands.

The cable car will only run if the door is properly closed.

For safety reasons, we ask you to remain seated for the entire ride.

Emergency & Contact

Please keep calm.

Fränzi Amrein
+41 79 363 25 29


Length of track:

957 meters

Travel time:

5.3 minutes

Year of construction:


Altitude mountain station:           

1111 m above sea level


Do you want to keep track on the mountain?
Find suitable maps here or visit us at the Tourist Information.



Sepp Niederberger & Fränzi Amrein
Bielen 1
6386 Wolfenschiessen

079 363 25 29
[email protected]