Course for the smallest

In the meantime, the five-year-old daughter attends the Nordic Engelberg piccolo course. Since this very playful and really recommendable course always takes place during the holiday season and at weekends, it is also a great way for holiday apartment owners to give their children access to cross-country skiing. It is best to send a contact request for all course dates, registrations and further information to Nordic Engelberg.

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Children move as a matter of course

What the big sister can do, the little one has long been able to do: that's why the almost three-year-old daughter is now also on the trail with us. Like all the other little children on the trail, she is almost a sensation. We are approached countless times and beginners in particular are amazed at how naturally the little ones stand on their slats.

Courses offered by the ski schools

The Swiss Ski School and Prime Mountain Sports AG have attractive family courses on offer where all family members, regardless of their level, get their money's worth. These courses are a great opportunity to ignite cross-country skiing fever in the family!

Fun course at the sporting park 
The absolute highlight for the two girls is the new fun course at the Sporting Park. It shows that all it takes is a few goalposts, an archway and a jump - and the young cross-country skiers are unstoppable. They subconsciously acquire qualities such as balance and stability, which they need for cross-country skiing.


Andrea Hurschler
Andrea Hurschler only learned to cross-country ski as an adult. She therefore fears that the children will soon be running around her ears.