Take off your shoes and enjoy!

Honestly: When was the last time you walked barefoot? Not at home on the slippery floor, but in the forest, on a meadow or over pebbles? Let's go, take off your shoes and switch off!

An excursion to Brunni at 1860 metres above sea level is and always feels good. The barefoot trail around Lake Härzli – itself a wonderful photo subject - puts the icing on the cake. Because when you take off your shoes and wade through the more or less cool water, you immediately feel revitalised, somehow like reborn. It's fun to feel the different surfaces such as pebbles, clay, wood chips or sand on the 220-metre-long trail. And it simply feels good. Wellness for feet and soul, in the middle of nature!

Even the naturopath Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) knew that barefoot walking and water are healthy, and the barefoot trail around Lake Härzli is based on his principles. "There is healing in water; it is the simplest, most inexpensive and - when properly applied - the safest remedy," he once said. His water treatments with the so-called "water treading" are still very popular today and, with Kneipp's philosophy of "back to nature", they hit the nerve of today. 

If the walk around Lake Härzli is not enough, you can walk barefoot from Hüttismatt to th Brunnihütte This barefoot hiking trail was opened two years ago. It invigorates the senses with pine cones, stones, sand and balancing acts over tree trunks, etc. The trail takes around 45 minutes. After about 30 to 45 minutes, you reach your destination and are fascinated by the impressions. On this trail, you realise how rarely you walk barefoot in everyday life and what a shame that actually is - even if at first you might have to squint your eyes from time to time because of the unfamiliar feeling.

One person who lives and loves barefoot walking is Thomas Infanger from the Engelberg Trail Hotel. Privately as well as with his guests, he is often out on trails, wearing shoes of course. "Strong foot muscles help me when I run," says the Engelberg native. That's why he takes off his shoes practically after every workout or does the barefoot hike to the Brunnihütte to relax his feet and strengthen his muscles. For the next summer season, he is currently working on an offer to pamper his guests with wellness for their feet. "This includes barefoot hikes in the Brunni area, but also foot reflexology massages or gymnastics." We are excited and are already saying: take off your shoes and start walking!


Andrea Hurschler

Pictures: Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus