Pack donkey
If skiing is a family outing, we take the free ski bus  to Klostermatte. Then my husband and I have enough hands and shoulders to carry everything. If I go alone, I pack everything into our bike trailer and walk the almost ten minutes to  Klostermatte. I sweat for the second time that day and ask myself why I am doing this to myself. 


Arrive and get going
But once I arrive at the Klostermatte, everything is put into perspective. It's very convenient to be able to walk to the ski slope in the valley or to be able to get there by car or bus. I'm used to different things in other ski resorts. On one of our trips to foreign climes, I swore to myself that skiing holidays would only become an issue when both children could dress themselves and carry their skis on their own. In any case, after our arrival, we are on one of the three conveyor belts or at the platter lift/bar lift in no time at all. 

Everyone is happy
And that's another point why we like the Klostermatte so much: it has something for everyone. For the very young, the absolute beginners. For the beginners who are already more confident and also for those who have already skied more difficult slopes. While I devote myself to the little one, the big one goes up alone on the conveyor belt or the platter lift. I always have her in sight and don't have to be afraid. Skiing is really fun. 

Relaxation in the Ox Restaurant
If we need a break, we drink punch from the thermos flask or warm up in the  Ox restaurant right next to the slope. Stumble twice and you can enjoy a family-friendly offer. The kids love the play corner with the big Lego bricks as much as the Wienerli with chips. 

Happy end
Without having to take a train or walk long distances, we are back home. I do need a shower after the trip - but the satisfaction far outweighs that. I enjoy being able to share my great hobby with my children and to pass on my passion to them. The strain of getting dressed is long forgotten.


Andrea Hurschler

Andrea Hurschler from Engelberg is a mum of two and teaches her girls to ski where she learned it: on the Klostermatte. As an enthusiastic skier, she is particularly pleased that the children share the joy of winter sports with her.