Freeride Symphony

by Anton Thorin and Harald Edlund

We follow a close-knit group of passionate riders who live in the small Alpine town of Engelberg. Together, they embark on a daring mission into unknown realms in the hope of finding the perfect moment. Whether it's accompanying their friends on a powder day, conquering the steep slopes or riding into the sunset - everyone has their own idea of what that moment is. The only question is whether you can find it so close to home.

Watch the Full Movie on Youtube (Release 3rd December)

Local Heroes

Filip Bjelke

The Swedish chef who is always showing up with a smile.

Gregory Moore

The Canadian/Swiss/British who loves surfing, snow or water you name it.

Hanna Westman

The Swedish hardpacked enthusiast

Joel Pollinger

The Swiss Mountain goat who simply loves being outdoors.

Johnny Dojic

The Swiss younggun.

Martina Muller

The Swiss stylish freeride competitor.

Matilda Marcusson

The Swedish dudette when it comes to sending.

Nikola Adjukanovic

 The Swiss snowboarder who is always game for a backy or two.

Oliver Carlin

The Swedish skier who loves to be playful in the mountains.

Piers Solomon

The Swiss Mountain cat who always lands on his feet with a unique style.

Simone Le Grand

 The Swiss snowboarding adventurer.

Tof Henry

The French mec of steep skiing who loves to visit Engelberg whenever he can.

Yves Husler

 The Swiss sensei when it comes to spaying the cold and fluffy pow.