Discover the local hero "Snowflake" and the way to happyness - you might even win a ski holiday

Ski Weekends


Finally, another Switzerland Tourism ski weekend! After a forced break of two years, a group from Switzerland Tourism went to Engelberg for a weekend. The anticipation was great, as the event had to be postponed again and again. From Friday to Sunday, a wide range of activities awaited the participants with beautiful weather. From snowshoeing to cross-country skiing and ski tours - there was something for everyone. A big thank you goes to Sarah Hödl and Corina Uster from Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG, who were a great help in organising the event.

Facts about the occasion:

  • 3 days incl. overnight stay
  • 51 people


"Hurrah 30 years of Enkom - 30 years of successful network solutions in beautiful Engelberg . Finding a great weekend location for over 50 people with corresponding activities was not so easy in the beginning. Until we came across the Engelberg team. The Ski-Weekend was just so packed with great events like snowmobiling and skiing. In eternal memory also our indoorfreaks will enjoy the friendly "Wöscheeeee". [for wiping] the trainer's ears. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, especially the Engelberg Tourist Office. With their professional and friendly support we were able to count on a very pleasant and smooth organization process from the planning to the event. Of course also thanks to the hotel team of the H+ group as well as all helpers of the region. Of course, it was also great that we only received one total invoice at the end, which made it easier for our accounting department to bill. All Enkomerinnen and Enkomer had enormous fun and joy. We still look at the photos today with joy and laugh about the great experiences.

Facts about the occasion: 

  • 3 days incl. overnight stay
  • 53 people


In January we enjoyed our business trip for two days in Engelberg. Many thanks to Mrs. Franziska Hurschler from Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG. She had organized a sporty, adventurous and culinary trip for us. The schedule, the program, the gastronomy and the accommodation were perfect for all of us. Because of a snow storm we had to change our accommodation at short notice. Thanks to the great support of Mrs. Hurschler and the good organisation that we found another great accommodation. We are happy to come back to Engelberg.

Facts about the occasion: 

  • 2 days incl. overnight stay
  • 28 people