Alpine cheese dairy Gerschnialp

Sälmi Töngi is the celebrity among Engelberg’s cheesemakers, having appeared in many Swiss newspaper articles and TV reports.

That’s not without good reason: Sälmi’s Alpine sbrinz (AOP) is more delicious than any made down in the valley thanks to the assortment of herbs that the cows eat. This special cheese has won many prizes and is even more famous than Sälmi himself.

Sälmi has been making Alpine cheese up on the Gerschnialp for over 40 years – from 300,000 kilos of cow’s milk and 30,000 kilos of goat’s milk that he receives from surrounding Alpine farms. His dairy is situated in an idyllic location beneath the Titlis, 1,300 metres above sea level, and can be conveniently reached either on the traditional funicular railway from Engelberg or via a pleasant stroll through the woods. 

cheese specialties

Direct sales at the dairy

  • Alpine sbrinz (AOP)
  • Hard and semi-hard Alpkäse
  • Alpine spalen
  • Alpine raclette
  • Alpenwölkli (white mould cheese from cow’s milk)
  • Geisseböckli (white mould cheese from goat’s milk)
  • Alpine whey cheese
  • Alpine yoghurt and butter from cow’s milk or goat’s milk
  • Alpine fresh cheese
  • Alpine Fondue mix
  • Alpine ricotta
  • Alpine goat’s cheese

meals available, tours by appointment


Töngi Anselm
Alpenstrasse 5
6390 Engelberg
041 637 39 29
[email protected]