Alpine cheese dairy Untertrübsee

During the roughly four months he spends up the mountain each summer, Thomas Scheuber turns many litres of milk into tasty cheese in his modern dairy. Thomas’s wife Andrea runs a charmingly decorated shop that sells the Alpine produce.

Although the Untertrübsee dairy is “only” 1,300 metres above sea level, it has impressive views of Engelberg’s mountains – the Hahnen, Gross Spannort, Chli Spannort and Wissberg. Untertrübsee is at the bottom of the beautiful Trübsee / Joch Pass hiking area and can be reached via a range of hiking trails, with or without the assistance of a cable car or two. Kids and other funseekers can hire scooters for the journey back down.

Cheese specialties

Direct sales at the dairy


  • Trübseer Alpine cheese

  • Alpine sbrinz

  • Alpine spalen

  • Nidwaldner Schlüsselcheese

  • Various Alpine mutschlis

  • Milk, butter, cream

meals available; tours by appointment



Andrea & Thomas Scheuber
6390 Engelberg
+41 (0)79 290 69 58