Kids Bike League

So the kids will soon be racing their parents on the biktrails!

In the Kids Bike League, children are introduced to movements and the bike in a playful way. Year after year, they can train and improve their skills and soon accompany their parents on one or the other bike tour.
In three different levels, the children learn the rules and safety of riding a bike. In playful courses and in easy terrain they experience biking with guaranteed fun.


  • Munnga  3-5 years
  • Gämsli    5-7 years
  • Staiböck 8-12 years
  • Staiböck Träil PRO 10-14 years


More information

Course date

During the summer holidays (12.07.-18.08.2022) and autumn holidays (04.10.-13.10.2022) the Kids Bike League courses take place on Tuesday - Thursday afternoons. These courses are designed to build on each other. Individual days can also be booked.

Course times

13.45 – 15.15 Uhr

Meeting place sport

Sportplatz Wyden


until the day before 16.00 at the latest at the Bikeschool Engelberg

Information and Price


Bikeschule Engelberg
Dorfstrasse 41
6390 Engelberg
041 639 54 54
[email protected]