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Engelberg-Titlis is Central Switzerland’s largest winter and summer holiday destination. This bustling Alpine village offers a wide range of holiday activities ideal for families, novices, keen amateurs and professionals – turning every stay into an unforgettable experience.


They often refer to it as "chess on ice". Tactical savvy and a lot of skill are required for this sport. The object of the game: two opposing teams try to get their polished granite stones as close as possible to the center of a set of concentric circles - all with the help of brooms.

Curling counts as one of the "fairest" sports of all since it is played without referees. "Fairness" and good sportsmanship are not just abstract ideas here - it belongs to curling etiquette that the winning team buys the losing team a round of drinks. 

Try it! Come get a curling stone and broom and enjoy a few hours on the ice with your friends.


Sporting Park Engelberg

Engelbergerstrasse 11
6390 Engelberg

+41 41 639 60 00