With the Buiräbähnli to the home of the Schmitter family

Ueli Schmitter and his family have built a little paradise at 1200 m above sea level. In this idyll, the 25 or so Dexter cattle (Irish highland cattle) feel right at home. This breed is particularly suited to the steep mountain slopes. In addition, the Dexter cattle cause hardly any damage to the land and are therefore sustainable from a farming point of view. The organic meat is sold directly on the farm, which has a high beta-carotene value. For the Schmitter family, the cable car is part of their normal everyday life and connects their home with village life. There is no access road. Besides the cattle, other animals enjoy life on the mountain. With a little luck you might even discover the peacock, which belongs to the Brändlen like a farm dog. It is also possible to stay overnight by appointment.

Tickets, operation & more

Tickets & Prices

Please pay for your ticket by card or TWINT at the ticket machine at the valley station or in cash in the cash box at the mountain station.

Adults one way                                                           

CHF 8.00

Adults return

CHF 10.00


CHF 10.00

Parking fee

CHF 2.00

Paragliding subscriptions are available in the house or by calling +41 79 640 93 71


Operating instructions

  • Open the door of the gondola manually with both hands.
  • Get in and close the door again manually. The ride only runs when the door is properly closed.
  • Start the ride with the green button: ↑ Ascent / ↓ Descent
  • Please keep the corresponding button pressed until the signal tone sounds. The ride will then start!
  • Once you have arrived, you can open the door again manually with both hands. Please only open it when the ride has come to a complete standstill and then close the door again.

Attention: The cable car may not be used in strong winds and thunderstorms. 

Emergency & Contact

Please keep calm

Ueli Schmitter
+41 79 767 37 06

Ismael Schmitter
+41 79 318 39 38


More info

Length of track:

800 meters

Travel time:

5 minutes

Year built:


Altitude mountain station:          

1200 m above sea level


Do you want to keep track on the mountain?
Find suitable maps here or visit us at the Tourist Information.


Ueli Schmitter
Berghof Brändlen
6386 Wolfenschiessen
+41 41 628 28 21
[email protected]