Tickets & Prices

Please pay for your ticket in cash at the mountain station.

Adults Simple                                                           

CHF 5.00

Adults Back

CHF 10.00

Children Simple

CHF 2.00

Children Back

CHF 4.00

Operating Instructions

  • Contact the train staff on 079 229 08 16.
  • Follow the instructions of the cable car staff and board the train.
  • For safety reasons, we ask you to remain seated for the entire journey.
  • When you arrive, please only get off when the train has come to a complete standstill

Emergency & Contact

Please keep calm.

Sepp Niederberger
079 229 08 16

More Info

Lenght of track:

883 Meters

Travel time:

5.5 Minutes

Year built: 


Altitude mountain station:            

889 m above sea level