With the Buiräbähnli to the farm of Joel Wicki

The cable car from Oberrickenbach takes you up to the Schmiedsboden farm at 1215 m above sea level. Joel Wicki manages the farm with 7 mother cows, 7 calves, goats, chickens, cats and during the summer months still rabbits. In summer, the animals are on the 65-hectare Fulenwasen Alp in Bannalp. The alp is situated at 1800 m above sea level and goes up to 2300 m above sea level. On average there are 46 head of cattle and about 25 sheep on the alp. The alp is managed by the alpine farmer Wendel Waser and punctually at 21.00 o'clock his voice sounds at the daily prayer call. In addition to caring for the animals, there is also work on the slopes with mowing, haying or tending the fields for the animals. A lot of work, but he manages it with heart and soul. The railroad is in operation all year round.


Tickets & Preise

Please pay for your ticket with cash or TWINT at the mountain station.

Adults single                                                            

CHF 5.00

Adults return

CHF 10.00

Children single

CHF 3.00

Children return

CHF 6.00


Operating instructions

  • Open the gondola door manually.
  • Get on and close the door manually again. The cable car will only run if the door is properly closed. If the door does not close, push the blue catch on the floor backwards. 
  • Start the ride with the green button: ↑ Ascent / ↓ Descent
  • Please keep the corresponding button pressed until the signal tone sounds. The ride will then start!
  • For safety reasons, we ask you to remain seated during the entire ride.
  • Once you have arrived, you can open the door again manually. Please only open it when the ride has come to a complete standstill and then close the door again.

Attention: The cable car may not be used in strong winds and thunderstorms. 

Emergency & Contact

Please keep calm.

Joel Wicki
+41 76 329 63 83

More Info

Length track:

911 Meter

Travel time:

4.20 Minuten

Construction year: 


Height of Mountain Station:            

1215 m ü. M.

Find suitable maps here or visit us at the Tourist Information.


Joel Wicki
Schmiedsboden 1
6387 Oberrickenbach
+41 76 329 63 83