Guaranteed mountain bliss

Weekend tip: Engelberg stages an alpine spectacle for families in summer. In a leading role: the breathtaking landscape.

No, it's not for those seeking peace and quiet and purists. At least not up here on Engelberg's Brunni, not at the first breath of the wonderfully fresh summer air. Yet the view into the valley was already wonderful in the gondola of the cable car up to Ristis: everything remains below, becomes smaller and smaller, the monastery, the souvenir shops, everyday life and its burdens. There's a lot going on up there: an Alpine Schlager festival in the Ristis mountain lodge restaurant. Countless families have gathered, Globi is also there. The children are delighted, but they hardly have time to greet the blue bird. For a playground full of wonders is waiting to be conquered - a daredevil slide and similar delights, who could resist? And suddenly there is a roar of children because the summer toboggan run, the Sunshine Radio Runner, has to close unplanned for a short time - raindrops have made the track dangerously slippery.

Enchanting ride on the chairlift
Past the mountain restaurant and up to the Herzlisee, a magical ride on the chairlift leads to the Brunnihütte. Many, many people had the same plan, some because of the Kneipp path around the mountain pond. It's wonderful to feel the ground barefoot. The others cluster around the barbecue areas with panoramic views, between streams, butterflies and hiking boots. It's a matter of avoiding the crowds and going to the kiosk, where anyone can buy a sausage who didn't expect barbecue sites at 1860 metres above sea level. The whole offer is staged absolutely professionally, it makes the excursion into the mountains a guaranteed happy venture. You feel cared for, even pampered, in this high-level entertainment area in the most beautiful landscape.

Even if you are looking for less alpine spectacle, you will have no problem finding what you are looking for in the Obwalden valley: Engelberg offers alternatives for all moods and weather conditions. If you don't want to climb, bike or hike, for example to the end of the world, as a four-hour route is so wonderfully called, you can also take it easy. For example, you can take the local bus through the valley, past the scenery of the Karl May open-air plays that have been held here since last summer. The station is the rustic gondola lift that connects the valley floor with the mountain restaurant Fürenalp. The mountain landscape here is spectacular, with steep rock faces from which waterfalls shoot out.

You can enjoy a beautiful view from the garden terrace. In the middle of the table is a bowl full of Älplermagronen for the whole family. Afterwards, there is homemade cake for those who can still manage a dessert.

Plenty of opportunity to barbecue, swim and paddle. Even the little ones can make it across the lake on rafts. What did the youngsters like best about the eventful summer weekend? The barefoot tramp around Lake Härzli and the summer toboggan run. Closely followed by Globi, although there was hardly any time for the bird.


Text: Melanie Kollbrunner
Pictures: Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus
Quelle: Tamedia/Tages-Anzeiger