I admit it: after a long, tiring day, you sometimes have to fight your inner pig to strap on your cross-country skis in the evening. But as is always the case with sport, getting back on your feet is worth it just for the feeling you get afterwards. In addition, there is a special peace and quiet on the cross-country trail. You notice the crunch of the snow and your own breathing much more clearly than during the day. And afterwards you sleep like a log.

Of course, cross-country skiing with a headlamp is possible every day of the week and does not have to be limited to the official night trail on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is definitely something mystical about walking alone through the forest and being close to nature. However, the Nordic Commission appeals to personal responsibility. Because in the evening, the snow groomer is out to prepare the trail - it should not be disturbed in its work.


Text: Andrea Hurschler
Andrea Hurschler is one of the night owls on the cross-country track. Her small children and work mean that she almost exclusively makes it onto the cross-country skis in the dark.

Pictures: Engelberg-Titlis Toursimus AG