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Engelberg sledging

18th february 2020 - Until relatively recently, sledging was considered pretty uncool. If you did it, it was probably because you weren’t much good at skiing. But that’s all changed now, and sledging is more popular than it has been for years.

Especially on well-groomed slopes like the ones you get in Engelberg! The slope on the Fürenalp, and the run from the Brunni mountain hut down to Ristis are much loved, but real sledging fans go particularly crazy for the route from the Gerschnialp down to Engelberg. At 3.5 kilometres, this former bobsleigh run is one of the longest toboggan runs in Switzerland. It’s particularly exciting at night, when it’s illuminated.



Many people love to ride the slopes on an Engelberg sledge. These differ from the widely used Davos sledge primarily in their height. You sit higher on an Engelberg sledge, around 30 centimetres from the ground. That makes for a more comfortable ride for taller tobogganers. The Engelberg sledges may seem bulkier, but they are also more stable. Engelberg sledges have been manufactured at various carpentry shops in the village for decades. But the local craft diminished as sledging increasingly went out of fashion. However, artisans did not forget how to make the sledges. Sepp Infanger, for example, was still making them just a few years ago.



Sixteen pieces of wood and six pieces of iron are needed to construct a single sledge. Engelberg sledges are known for their easy gliding and steering, and for their durability.




Two different models are available: one with two cross bars perfect for a single rider, and one with three cross bars that gives two people a swift ride. On an Engelberg sledge you sit more firmly than on a conventional sledge because the seat slats pass through the cross bars and are thus lower than the two side bars. Because Engelberg sledges are made individually by hand, each one is unique. Wherever you choose to ride and whatever kind of sledge you ride on, you are guaranteed plenty of exhilarating fun on Engelberg’s sledging runs.





Text: Beat Christen
Images: Engelberg-Titlis Toursimus AG