Tip 1 - Spend the night in an SAC hut
In my opinion, an overnight stay in an SAC hut belongs on the bucket list of any Swiss or holidaymaker in Switzerland. Nowhere else are you so close to the mountains and nature. The Rugghubel hut at 2296 metres is easily accessible for school-age children in around 2.5 hours from the top station of the Brunni cable car.For those who like it more comfortable or are travelling with smaller children: the SAC Brunni Hut ((www.brunnihuette.ch)) is located right next to the mountain station of the Ristis-Brunni chairlift and is very family-friendly.

Tip 2 - Robinson playground
At the back of Engelberg is the Robinson playground, a family paradise. The little "Horbisseeli" can be discovered on a raft and little pirates can hide on the island. But not for too long, because mummy and daddy will surely have prepared a fine sausage on one of the fireplaces. A tip: Be sure to bring a change of clothes - hardly any excursions to the Robinson playground have ended without wet clothes...

Tipp 3 - Summe ice skating 
Rainy weather? While many think of a trip to the swimming pool, I suggest something unconventional: Why not take a spin on your ice skates? In Engelberg, the ice rink in the Sporting Park is already open again from July. I bet the kids will be talking about this unusual summer holiday activity for a long time to come!

Tip 4 - Buiräbähnli Safari
A different kind of cable car ride? More spectacular and impressive? On the  Buiräbähnli-Safari, small, traditional "Buiräbähnli", , i.e. cable cars belonging to farmers, are waiting to be discovered. For the farmers, they are the lifelines, the substitute for a road and often the only way into the valley. The entire "Buiräbähnli Safari" is a multi-day hike that requires endurance and surefootedness. However, some sections are also suitable for smaller children. Information and maps

Tip 5 - Climbing
Admittedly, you do need a head for heights. But climbing a via ferrata is a really cool family adventure. The Brunnistöckli via ferrata is particularly family-friendly. For experienced climbers, there are rock routes in the climbing garden at the Brunnihütte (4a-5c). Those who first want to get used to the heights can practice in the rope park. There is also a kids' parkour for children from the age of four.

Tip 6 - Biking
Depending on the age and ability of the children, there are various bike trails, routes or simple bike excursions available. At the valley station of the Titlis cable cars there is a small pump track where even the very youngest can do their laps on a running bike. The Engelberg bike routes are listed here. aufgeführt. If you are still with children of running bike age, you can take the free summer bus to the Fürenalpbahn or waterfall and then roll back to the village on little-used or car-free paths (along the Aawasser or via Holz, Schweizerhaus).

Tipp 7 - Excursion to the Titlis
Okay, there's probably nothing more touristy than an excursion to the Titlis. But somehow it's part of a holiday in Engelberg. And there's something very cool about spending a day on a glacier during the summer holidays, isn't there? By the way, the trip up the Titlis can be perfectly combined with the next tip!

Tipp 8 - Trübsee playground
On the Trübsee, an ingenious playground with barbecue area has been created under the motto "Schmuggler and Säumer" , which captivates small and older children. The children can easily spend a whole day at this playground. And if not, the new themed trail (from 21 July 2019) around the lake, bouncy castles, slackline or a boat trip on Lake Trübsee will entice them. 

Tipp 9 - Aaschlucht adventure trail
The adventure trail from Engelberg along the wild Engelberer Aa to Grafenort has its charm especially on very hot days. The shady path through the forest leads over several suspension bridges and past rest areas. Particularly popular with families is the picnic area near Grafenort, where a small stream invites you to take a dip in the water.

Tipp 10 - Vita Parcours
I don't think it always has to be the most spectacular outing. How about a round together on the Vita Parcours?. Sheltered from the sun by the forest, it is an alternative for hot days or balmy summer evenings. Even the youngest children enjoy the gymnastics equipment on the two-kilometre-long Vita Parcours above the Bänklialp. 

Tipp 11 - Globi's treasure hunt

Treasure hunts and Globi are two things that somehow always go with children. On the Ristis ((www.brunni.ch)), children can help Globi search for a pirate's treasure. Whoever finds all the treasure chests gets a prize. The treasure hunt, which lasts around 2 hours, can be combined well with a ride on the summer toboggan run or a stay at the cool Alpine playground (including water games!).


Andrea Hurschler

Live where others go on holiday: This saying rarely fits as well as it does with this article. Andrea Hurschler grew up in Engelberg and now experiences with her two small children what a privilege it is to be able to live here. The nature and the many excursion possibilities on the doorstep never let her everyday life become boring.