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Girls on Tour

Pure anticipation
The clouds in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, the mountain scenery around Engelberg is hiding and light snow is falling. I feel a kind of inner restlessness as well as joy on this Friday evening. Darkness falls. Only in the light of the street lamps can I still make out a few snowflakes. Slowly I get a little antsy and ask myself with motivation: What adventure will we tackle tomorrow? One thing is clear: tomorrow the sky will be steel blue.

Good planning is the be-all and end-all
After carefully checking the avalanche bulletin (incl. weather review), the local snow measuring station on Titlisboden and the weather forecast, planning for tomorrow can get underway. In addition to traditional map material, I often consult the Outdoor Guide Engelberg for information and inspiration about possible ski tours in the Engelberg valley.

The early bird gets the worm
The clear sky and the crackling snow early in the morning make me feel that this is going to be a great day and the smile on my colleagues' faces is additionally motivating and contagious. We start right away with the Dallenwil-Niederrickenbach cable car. From here, a footpath leads through snowy forests to the valley station of the  Haldigrat chairlift (only in operation at weekends and on request). The nostalgic ride takes you to 1,935 metres above sea level to the Haldigrat. After assessing the snow conditions on site like a safety check of our avalanche transceivers, we decide to start the adventure. Along the ridge, towards the morning sun, the breezes call out at lofty heights. Above the sea of fog from the lowlands, we enjoy the tranquillity and look forward to the descent of the western flank of this imposing mountain. From the steep couloir to the pleasurable ride down in the flat, this descent offers everything. A second chairlift ride up to Haldigrat, this time takes us to the Berggasthaus Haldigrat -  coffee. The dessert is the descent via Giri and Gigi to Berghof Brändlen. A descent that is only possible when there is snow down to lower altitudes.

Exhausted, happy and satisfied
This time we were three girls from Engelberg on tour. On certain days we are more than seven friends who spend an unforgettable day together. The same passion, many shared memories and experiences connect us. In any case, we all enjoy the exhaustion of the day with a smile on our faces because it makes us happy and satisfied. The next snowfall is sure to come and the choice of ski tours in the Engelberg Valley is immense and our hunger for them is huge.


Nadia Summer
Nadia, the freedom-loving outdoor sportswoman lives and works in Engelberg where she has felt at home for years. She enjoys and appreciates every adventure with her friends - preferably in and around Engelberg.