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The "cool" playground
"Shall we go to the playground?" is a question I hear almost daily in the warmer months. Until now, the playground in the Kurpark,, in the middle of the village, "our" favourite playground. But now that has changed. The one on Trübsee was dubbed "the real playground" by my older one because it was "so really cool". A judgement that probably says more than detailed descriptions.

The slide is a big hit
So since the opening, we regularly make the trip to Lake Trübsee - the train ride is always a highlight, too - and have fun with the smugglers and muleteers. The older daughter is so busy with the countless possibilities that the dinner break has to be forced and going home only works with a bribe (a round of trampoline jumping on the terrace of the mountain hotel). Her absolute favourite piece of equipment is the big slide. She loves to slide at lightning speed, sometimes on her stomach, sometimes backwards... But she always comes out of the tube with a big smile on her face.

Fun for young and old
Of course, the younger daughter needs support, especially with the climbing equipment, but she also has a lot of fun. Much to her indignation, the steps up to the big slide are simply too high. But as an alternative, there is a small slide that is reached after an easy climb. 
To cut a long story short: children can spend a long time enjoying themselves on this playground. And the adults also get their money's worth thanks to seating areas with barbecue grills, views of the mountains and lake, and the happy laughter of the children.


Andrea Hurschler

Andrea Hurschler lives in Engelberg with her husband and two daughters (4.5 and 2). Playgrounds have virtually become her area of expertise thanks to the energetic girls.